Dead Shark Paranormal officially formed in March 2020, and like many groups, it all started with the idea of a common goal. The main goal is to collect data and to research further into Paranormal Technology and Techniques. A common goal among us all is to answer the age-old question “Are ghosts real?”. Starting in 2020 at the very beginning of COVID-19, the challenges and obstacles that came into clear view did put a strain on each other, and with many challenges, we overcame these by relying on each other and coming together to form a game plan. We must be able to adapt, improvise, and overcome any challenge or obstacle that comes into our view.

As it currently stands we are still active in the Middle Georgia area where we attempt to gain a foothold in the area as a Paranormal Research and Investigative Team. We have trained and researched several types of Paranormal Investigation Techniques in which we are confident that we can handle any investigation with Professionalism, and with the know-how into debunking anything that wouldn’t be considered Paranormal.

“The Paranormal is not supernatural, but a normal part of our reality that we have yet to fully understand.”
-Rosemary Ellen Guiley